Albelli – Christmas 2023 Campaign

Albelli – Christmas 2023 Campaign

The concept for Albelli’s Christmas campaign of ‘hit and miss’ speaks to the core of the Christmas experience that many of us can relate to. The feeling of receiving a gift that you already have (‘Grandma, the same sweater again?!’) or one that no longer suits you at all (‘I’m not a baby anymore!’), is a universal experience that truly brings the campaign to life. 

The idea of focusing on personal gifts during the holidays is fitting for Albelli! In a time when gifts are often a matter of guesswork or stereotyping, this concept packs a punch of giving and receiving meaningful presents. It reminds us that it’s not just about the material aspect, but the thought and attention invested in the gift. 

In terms of scale, it’s impressive that the campaign has expanded to eight different countries and has aired in as many as six languages on both TV and online channels. Together with Albelli, we have paid close attention to ensuring cultural and linguistic relevance in each country. We understand the complexity of international campaigns and have developed proven strategies to make this process as smooth as possible. 

Another notable aspect of the campaign is the thoughtful approach to social media. By using the right aspect ratio during the shoot that align with each channel, we not only capture attention but also retain it in every version along the funnel. The ability to maintain consistent quality, regardless of the platform, is evidence of a professional approach and skills in dealing with diverse media. 

In summary, this Christmas campaign has not only strengthened the festive atmosphere but also hopes to leave a lasting impression on the audience. It redefines the way we look at Christmas gifts and reminds us that a personal touch is the greatest gift of all.