Microsoft – Digital Selling

Microsoft – Digital Selling

Digital Selling boring? No way!

Microsoft was looking for new video content for Dynamics 365 – Especially in the upper funnel of the customer journey to gain attention, create recognisability and to generate more interest.

Connecting with your customers and exceeding their expectations is more important than ever, knowing how to deliver end-to-end digital experiences at every stage of the customer journey. And how you can build lasting relationships remotely!

In a series of videos, we take a look into the life of Microsoft sales representative Samuel. We see how Microsoft’s tooling fits perfectly into his active lifestyle and show how technology and experience go hand in hand to achieve more. In this concept we are not focusing on the product but on the story of the user. We put the user at the center of attention, thus increasing the recognizability of the customer problem and needs.

I-MOR created an all-encompassing campaign with trigger videos, visuals and knowledge sharing with a personal touch. We also developed a webinar: sales specialists provide answers to the most important questions for digital selling. Check the full campaign (dutch only) here.