Lease a Bike – Join the Ride

Lease a Bike – Join the Ride

Lease a Bike grows fast in Europe and wanted to go live quickly with three online commercials. Each commercial specifically designed to their target audiences. That feeling of freedom you experience when you get on your bike is a moment of peace. A clear mind and an active body to enable the best version of yourself!

To grasp this feeling in moving content we placed three different target audiences on two wheels and joined their ride. On their way to work, their kid’s school or to the bar we visualised the moment of piece by unlocking the bike. No traffic hassle, fresh air and a little help of their e-bikes brings the lady, man and the young family to their destination.

I-MOR created three stories in a horizontal and vertical format. Each script was specifically designed to fit the lifestyle of the target audience. To make sure the entire campaign is a seamless visual experience we also provided the client with photography.

Fun fact: From the moment of briefing to going live we had only three weeks to create the entire campaign together with the international team of Lease a Bike marketeers. Truly a mass sprint with only winners!

Join the ride!